Engage cant trust high-seeded mid-majors

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Engage cant trust high-seeded mid-majors

Indlægaf jackky » 14. sep 2017, 07:13

Wichita State's win against top-seeded Gonzaga on the 2013 NCAA men's basketball tournament best represents a trend bettors pay attention to prior to the Shockers to manufacture a deep Larry Donnell Jersey run in 2014.
High-seeded mid-majors struggle. Low-seeded majors star as Cinderella.
The undefeated Shockers, the absolutely no. 1 seed inside the Midwest region, are the 2010 mid-major darling. Being No. 9 seed, Wichita State made it all the way to one last Four last season.
Getting back there'll be tough, specifically in a loaded region which has Kentucky, Louisville, Duke and Michigan. That's three with the last four national champions and last season's runner-up.
Perhaps even more important, history hasnt been kind to mid-majors right after they creep into the tournament that has a high seed.
Of the 24 schools from mid-major conferences who have been seeded No. 4 or older Damon Harrison Jersey inside NCAA Tournament since 2003, only three have reached the last Four. All three of them exited Conference USA Marquette (2003), Louisville (2005) and Memphis (2008).
Wichita State often is the sixth mid-major to acquire a No. 1 seed since 2003. Memphis reached the Elite Eight for a No. One in 2006 and 2007 before losing the title game to Kansas in 2008. St. Joseph's made the Elite Eight being a No. 1 seed in 2004. Gonzaga lost the aforementioned second-round game towards the Shockers in 2013.
Butler (2010, 2011), VCU (2011) and George Mason (2006) also made a final Four in recent seasons, but none were seeded No. 4 if not more. The Bulldogs were No. 5 with no. 8 seeds, respectively, of their Final Four appearance. The Rams and Patriots were both No. 11 seeds.
Now the Shockers have a very high seed, as well as Creighton and Southern california State, the No. 3 and No. 4 seeds in the West Region.
Creighton has eight tournament appearances since 2000, but didn't advance within the Sweet 16 in different of. San Diego State has six tournament appearances under Steve Corey Washington Jersey Fisher, however that includes just one Sweet 16 appearance.
Here are a few other trends to learn with mid-major teams, none which often favor high seeds.
Three mid-major teams (Gonzaga, Saint Louis and Boise state broncos) had seeds of No. 4 and up last season. None advanced after second round.
No school with a No. 4 seed or maybe more not in the traditional power conferences has advanced in the evening Sweet 16 since 2008.
Mid-majors along with a No. 4 seed or higher are 7-14 against other high seeds as a whole of Sweet 16 or later.
Two mid-majors seeded No. 4 or maybe more have lost with the first round belonging to the NCAA Tournament. That has been No. 4 Dayton, which fell to No. 13 Tulsa in 2003, rarely are. 3 New Mexico, which lost to No. 14 Harvard in 2013.
So be aware while using the high-seeded mid majors. As history suggests, Wichita State, Creighton and Los angeles State might have trouble wearing that high-seed target.
Mid-majors without any. 4 seed or more since 2003
2013 Darius Powe Jersey 4 St louis, A-10, Second Round
2013 3 Boise state broncos, MWC, First Round
2013 1 Gonzaga, WCC, Second Round
2011 2 New york State, MWC, Sweet 16
2011 3 BYU, MWC, Sweet 16
2010 3 New Mexico, MWC, Second Round
2009 2 Memphis, C-USA, Sweet 16
2009 4 Gonzaga, WCC, Sweet 16
2009 4 Xavier, A-10, Sweet 16
2008 1 Memphis, C-USA, Lost title game
2008 3 Xavier, A-10, Elite Eight
2007 4 Southern Illinois, MVC, Sweet 16
2007 1 Memphis, C-USA, Elite Eight
2006 3 Gonzaga, WCC, Sweet 16
2006 1 Memphis, C-USA, Elite Eight
2005 3 Gonzaga, WCC, Second Round
2005 4 Louisville, C-USA, Final Four
2004 2 Gonzaga, WCC, Second Round
2004 4 Cincinnati, C-USA, Second Round
2004 1 St. Joseph's, A-10, Elite Eight
2003 Jacob Huesman Jersey 3 Xavier, A-10, Second Round
2003 4 Louisville, C-USA, Second Round
2003 4 Dayton, A-10, First Round
2003 3 Marquette, C-USA, Final Four
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